EU Design Days Event


On 19th to 20th September 2017, an EU Design Days event was organised by ERRIN in Brussels. This two day design event was attended by the Designscapes project consortium. A presentation was also delivered by the Project Manager Francesco Molinari on “Design Enabled Innovation to Tackle Urban Challenges”.

He discussed the urban trends concerned with the various sizes of the cities and how design innovations can improve the modernisation of the cities sustainability and smartness.How it will impact on urbanisation, environment, the ageing population, big data, and digital transformation etc.He presented few examples showing how citizens dissatisfaction can turn into joint actions. The event was great for networking, community building and cross-disciplinary synergies targeting multiple stakeholder groups (citizens, researchers, practitioners, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and policymakers).

In his presentation, the project manager emphasised that the DESIGNSCAPES project is looking for 50 + projects across Europe to fund with a budget of €1.5M to spend, and the relevant Call for proposals will be out in 2018. For further information concerning the event and keynote talks, please visit the website:

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