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Designrejse, a Danish initiative that aims that more SMEs generate growth through a design-driven approach to innovation


Q&A with Malene Jung - Project manager Danish Design Centre and working on a national initiative called The Design Journey (Designrejse).

What is Designrejse and why did DDC started it?

Design Journey is the Danish Design Centres new, ambitious national effort towards small and medium-sized businesses. The effort offers a range of activities for leaders and development managers who wish to experience and try out how design methods can contribute to strengthening their businesses growth and competitiveness. With Design Journey, the Danish Design Centre has invited some of the country’s best designers and innovators to become part of a new mentor corps that will contribute to boosting the market for design services and the demand for design competencies.

What would be the greatest outcome of your initiative Designrejse?

A lot of Danish companies are already involving designers in innovation and business development. However, Danish companies and Denmark as a nation could benefit even more from design and design thinking as a positive factor for growth, innovation and business development in business and industry. Together with Epinion, the Danish Design Centre and the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) have mapped how companies used design in 2016. 90% of the companies that use design in processes and strategic decisions state that design has a positive impact on the bottom line. Therefore, our aim with Design Journey is that more SME’s generate growth through a design-driven approach to innovation.

What is your vision and ideas on what is needed to better enhance design enabled innovation in Copenhagen?

Danish Design Centre’s mission is to promote the use of design in business and industry all over Denmark. That said, Copenhagen is world-renowned for being a design destination. The Capital Region of Denmark and the region’s municipalities have begun to develop a Smart Greater Copenhagen strategy. With the aim of an ambitious and holistic strategy that brings municipalities, citizens and companies together around a common course for the digital society of tomorrow in Greater Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark and the Danish Design Centre have engaged in a partnership aimed at developing and carrying out a design-driven and user-involving strategy process.

In 2018, we move into Realdania’s exciting new complex BLOX, which is going to house the Innovation Hub for architecture, construction, urban development and design. We aim to realise the vision behind BLOX and through a design-driven approach, we’ll help Danish companies to create, produce and export tomorrow’s solutions.

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