It Is Time to Pay Attention to the Value of Design



The Design Council has published its new report Designing a Future Economy: Developing design skills for productivity and innovation. The December report builds on the previous report The Design Economy in 2015, which was the first time design had been systematically mapped, coded and measured across the UK economy. There was a need to know more. A question such as what is it about designers that make design more productive? Or are design professions fit for the future? Will they thrive in the fourth industrial revolution or, are they threatened by automation? Do non-designers use design? 

To answer these questions, the Design Council has focused on design skills, knowing that skills are crucial to economic performance, and that skills are at the forefront of the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

So which design skills will contribute the most? This is an unprecedented study, which combines UK and U.S. data to investigate the relationship between design skills and economic outcomes.

Download the free report on the website of the Design Council.

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